12 mars 2010

Extra time in Cape Town

After 3 weeks in Cape Town (instead of 2 initially scheduled), the time has come to be on the road again to reach Oudtshoorn, Orania and Joburg, deeper in the country. It was not easy to leave the “mother city”… We could have spent our entire 3 months-stay there, continually conducting project activities but never being weary of the city’s charms. But Cape Town’s reality isn’t the country’s reality. So, this is the reason why we’re going to see how it is elsewhere. And we’re going to start our discovery with the Afrikaners’... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2010

Women’s day with Gladys Thomas

On the occasion of Women’s day, we zoom in on Gladys Thomas, a poet from Cape Town well known for her written actions against apartheid. We met Gladys in her humble cottage in the previously disadvantage community of Ocean View. Her confidence and her preparation for our interview showcased that she was use to being interviewed. Her affable personality and her humble surroundings made it difficult for us to comprehend that she was a celebrity but SHE IS. She is the one who wrote the first anti-apartheid poem that was banned by... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2010

La journée de la femme avec Gladys Thomas

A l’occasion de la journée de la femme, coup de projecteur sur Gladys Thomas, poète capetownienne, célèbre pour ses œuvres anti-apartheid. C’est au bout d’une petite rue du township d’Ocean View, dans une maison très modeste et un peu délabrée que nous avons rencontré Gladys. Elle nous attendait, avait préparé toutes ses œuvres et des récompenses, se pliant volontiers au jeu des photos et de la vidéo. Elle a l’habitude. Elle n’en a pas l’air mais c’est une célébrité ! Elle a écrit le premier poème anti-apartheid interdit... [Lire la suite]
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